Unveiling the "spine sword" and special moves! Join us for the live broadcast, "Soul Covenant Meeting Room,"as we dig deeper into the details, to be released on February 28th at 8:00 PM!

Today we will reveal "SOUL COVENANT" (Developed/Published by Thirdverse Co., Ltd.) latest information about the purpose of the Artificial Intelligence "Adam," which seeks to destroy humanity, along with the gripping story that players will experience during the game.

"Scapegoat," the weapon crafted from the remains of fallen comrades.

The Scapegoat is the main weapon of the Enhanced Humans Avatari Forces. After death, The Avatar's body crystallizes and transforms into a hardened substance, forming a special material known as the 'Relic Body.' The Scapegoat, crafted from Relic Bodies, is said to be 'manufactured from the remains of fallen comrades,' also serving as a symbolic tombstone for deceased allies.


The special receptor found in their remains is known as the 'Oracle Receptor,' and the state where they are connected to the user, unleashing extraordinary power, is called 'Underworld Connection.'


If the body is not sufficiently preserved, the Relic Body, which serves as the material, cannot be obtained.
Therefore, the members of the Avatar unit have their true value tested in "how they die."
To die leaving a body behind means to pass on the baton of hope to someone else.


Someone's death strengthens those who remain. That's why team members encourage each other saying: 'I'll make sure to pick up your bones.'




▶Scapegoat Transformation

The Scapegoat undergoes significant changes in its shape when wielded with one or two hands. Wielding feeling, reach, and power vary, giving a significant advantage when used according to the situation. Special weapons like dual blades or chainsaws are also available, so considering compatibility with the enemy and personal preferences is recommended.


▼One-Handed Grip 'Sword'



▼Two-Handed Grip 'Scythe'


Memory Crystal "Monad."

Deus Ex Machina and Mech Angels prey on humans, assimilating their memories. The crystalline medium where these memories are stored is called "Monad;" Monad gets dropped when destroying enemies.


Touching the Monad may allow one to hear the voices of the deceased. It is said that bringing back and analyzing these voices can provide valuable insights.


"Demonic Burst," the signal of rebellion against the gods.

The Sibyl Arm absorbs the memory crystals 'Monad' dropped by the enemies. After accumulating energy, it can unleash a powerful attack known as 'Demonic Burst.' This is a kind of 'miracle,' obtained by using the divine language Meta Code, with event-altering effects.


Demonic Burst is the signal of rebellion against the gods --a powerful attack capable of inflicting significant damage, altering the course of battle in a single strike, and even wiping out swarms of Mech Angels.


▼Powerful attacks against "Deus Ex Machina"



▼Sweeping away swarms of Mech Angels


Live Broadcast: Soul Covenant Meeting Room Updates

Leading up to the release of SOUL COVENANT, we will stream live broadcasts where the development team will share exclusive information including thoughts during production, development anecdotes, and production materials.


In the third episode of the broadcast, we will delve deeper into the special moves and the spine-weapons crafted from the fallen comrades.
The broadcast will be in Japanese, but please, feel free to watch if you are interested!
*English subtitles coming soon on YouTube.

【Broadcast Schedule】

Scheduled for February 28, 2024, at 20:00 (JST)

【Cast members】

■Producer: Koh Okamura
"Blue Dragon," "The Last Story," "SOUL SACRIFICE" series, "DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate" and more.

■Director / Scenario Writer: Teruhiro Shimogawa
"SOUL SACRIFICE" series, "Mega Man Battle Network" series, "Ace Attorney Investigations 2" and more.

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