Revealing the enemy's motives and bits of the game's gripping story!

Today we will reveal "SOUL COVENANT" (Developed/Published by Thirdverse Co., Ltd.) latest information about the purpose of the Artificial Intelligence "Adam," which seeks to destroy humanity, along with the gripping story that players will experience during the game.

■The identity and purpose of the enemy.

▶Artificial Intelligence Adam

In a world torn by divisions, Adam was designed with the purpose of leading society to "true world peace." People expected that the artificial intelligence alone would solve everything. Striving to meet those expectations, they aimed for an entity of absolute power.

However, those excessive expectations pushed the artificial intelligence to its limit, leading to an abnormal behavior.

People always sought the existence of an "omnipotent being" the shape of which varied depending on the times. At its oldest, most fundamental core, its what people refer to as "God."

Adam's idea of God is to be the object of awe--one of overwhelming fear.


▶The Living Weapons "Deus Ex Machina"

Autonomous mech weapons created by the Mech Regime and its central artificial intelligence, Adam.

They rapidly learn and evolve by assimilating the memories of the people they prey upon.

From the memories it has captured and turns its outer shell into the most "something invoking dread. "

It is for the efficient rule over humankind, and it approaches the entity that humans potentially fear.

As a result, it often turns into a form resembling the entity that humans refer to as god-like beings.



■Bits of the game's gripping story

▶Re:In Project

By continuing to transplant the personalities of fallen soldiers into clone bodies, the experience gained from battles is passed on to the future. The protagonist is a special warrior who possesses this reincarnation ability.
The memory transplant requires the protagonist to relive all the "deaths" accumulated so far. This is achieved by connecting to the near-death experiences through a "death database" called Cyber Limbo. The memories gained from these pseudo-deaths are referred to as "Thanatos."
Humans harboring Thanatos possess an increased sensitivity to the divine language known as 'Metacode', showing a strong affinity to the "language of God."
Through these pseudo near-death experiences, it seems they become entities approaching the "outer layers of reality."
While it is said that there have been individuals in human history able to hear the voice of God, the reincarnation project aims to artificially recreate such superhuman entities.


■Story of the conflict

Deus Ex Machina prey on humans, learning from their assimilated memories.

In some cases, the presence of former comrades may manifest on the enemies' outer shell.

They reproduce voices and say things the person they absorbed might say; by doing this they disrupt their opponents emotions. 

It's not uncommon for Avatar team members to confront a foe that harbors the memories of their former allies: in order to face the threat, they will have to cast away their feelings...