Released today! Launch sale with 10% off on PlayStation VR2 and Steam!

"SOUL COVENANT" (Developed/Published by Thirdverse Co., Ltd.) was released today, April 19th, on PlayStation VR2, Steam, Meta Quest 2/3.

Additionally, a launch sale with 10% off is now available on PlayStation VR2 and Steam.

■Released today, April 18th!

SOUL COVENANT" was released on April 18, 2024, for PlayStation VR2, Steam, and Meta Quest 2/3.

Experience the fierce battle between humanity and machines.


PlayStation VR2: $49.99

Steam: $49.99

Meta Quest 2/3: $39.99


■10% OFF Launch Sale!

We're holding a one-week launch sale on PlayStation VR2 and Steam. Get 10% off the regular price, so don't miss this great opportunity!

Please check the store page for details.


▼PlayStation VR2

Event Period:Until April 24, 2024, at 11:59 PM(PST) 

*Subject to change

*PlayStation VR2 sale is only for PS Plus members.



Event Period:Until April 24, 2024, at 11:59 PM(PST) 

*Subject to change

■Developer Diary: Developers Share Insights!

In the Developer Diary, top creators in various fields such as storytelling, design, and music introduce the battle mechanics and world view of 'SOUL COVENANT'!

The game depicts the conflict between the artificial intelligence ruling over humanity under the pretext of governance, and the enhanced humans who resist it, featuring a high level of immersion that will make the player feel one with the protagonist.

■Early play video featuring Ryohei Kimura as Eight released!

Approaching release, we got #RyoheiKimura, who voices Eight in the Japanese version, to play SOUL COVENANT !

Take a look at Kimura's gameplay and reactions as he fights hordes of enemies!

■Live Broadcast: SOUL COVENANT Meeting Room Updates

Leading up to the release of SOUL COVENANT, we streamed live broadcasts where the development team shared exclusive information, including insights from production, development behind the scenes, and production materials.


The game offers unique systems such as using fallen comrades' remains as weapons, a gripping tale of intense battles between humanity and machines, and an episode featuring composer Yasunori Mitsuda as a guest to discuss the game's background music (BGM). These are great opportunities to delve deeper into the game's world. If you haven't seen them yet, be sure to check them out.


Also, for those who have already watched, you may discover something new when you view it again after playing the game. Take this opportunity to check out the archives once more!