The second trailer for the story-driven VR action game "SOUL COVENANT," developed by Thirdverse, was unveiled at the "UploadVR Showcase Winter 2023," providing the latest information about the world, setting, and characters!

"SOUL COVENANT" (Developed/Published by Thirdverse Co., Ltd.) released its second trailer during the "UploadVR Showcase Winter 2023," revealing more details about the game's world, setting, characters, including the protagonist.

 2nd Trailer Release

The second trailer at "UploadVR Showcase Winter 2023" showcased, among other updates, character voices, adding an extra layer to the world of 'SOUL COVENANT'.

World concept / story

In a near future --
A quantum artificial intelligence attempts to assume the role of God and gain control over the world.

This artificial intelligence 'Adam', believes that the role of a god is to be an object of awe --
Or, in other words, overwhelming fear.
The living weapons known as "Deus Ex Machina," are feared as mechanical gods. They invade cities worldwide and slaughter everyone who refuses to obey.

Close to humanity's last stronghold, (known as 'Tokyo Ark,')
enhanced humans called 'Avatars' engage in both incursions and defensive battles.

Their main weapon, the "Scapegoat," is created from the enhanced bodies of their fallen comrades,
in a cycle in which someone's death helps those who remain.
Avatars have a saying in reference to this:

"I'll go pick up the bones..."

Their mission is to prevent the machine forces from invading Tokyo Ark.
If the enemy forces were to reach its depths, a major catastrophe called the "Remastering" would mark the end of human history.

As the machine forces approach, The Player awakens inside a cultivation pod.

Even among the enhanced human "Avatars", The Protagonist is considered a special new model.

The Reincarnation Plan 

A collective term used to describe a series of system designs and experiments conducted to counter the machine army.
It involves transplanting the personalities of deceased soldiers into cloned bodies to pass on combat experience to the future.
The protagonist is created as a special Avatar with the ability for "Memory Transplant," allowing the protagonist to relive all the "deaths" accumulated so far.
This is achieved by connecting the "Near-Death State" to a database known as "Cyber Limbo."



As the machine forces approach, The Player awakens inside a cultivation pod.
Even among the enhanced humans 'Avatars', The Player is considered a special new model.
Memories of the experienced deaths are referred to as "Thanatos."

Humans who possess it have an increased sensitivity to the language of the gods, the "Metacode."
This also translates into enhanced combat abilities.
Through these pseudo-death experiences, they become beings close to transcending the limits of nature.



The player's Avatar will be highly customizable with different categories, such as gender, hairstyle, and skin color.


Enhanced Human Unit 'AVATAR'

A unit of enhanced humans known as 'Avatars'.
They fight to protect the last bastion of humanity, 'Tokyo Ark.'

Through genetic engineering, they are bestowed with the "Oracle Receptor," which allows them to understand the language of the gods, the "Metacode."

They are able to connect to the higher realm, the 'Zero-Verse Layer' outside of the world's boundaries, and summon a formidable power.
They are said to possess the powers to 'communicate with God' and 'predict the future,' attributed to great historical figures.

As the word 'Avatar' implies, their bodies are merely instruments.
90% of the soldiers die within the first year from their initial battle. Many of those fall prey to the living weapons known as 'Deus Ex Machina.'


Character introduction : Julia


The female captain of the main character's unit sacrifices herself to protect the protagonist, who will be entrusted the scapegoat created from her remains. The voice of those who fell in battle echoes through this weapon. She will continue to fight by the protagonist's side unti the end.


Character introduction : Artificial Intelligence "Eve"


An artificial intelligence allied with humanity. The details of its design are unclear, but its power is crucial in countering the machine government. It manages and operates the reincarnation program, recording and storing countless deaths with its own eyes.

Anti Machine-God Equipment: 'Scapegoat'

The most noticeable trait of the Avatars becomes evident after their death, as the "Epiphany Receptors" within them crystallize, transforming into hard objects and turning their remains into a special material known as the "relic body."
This is what is referred to as a "Scapegoat": a weapon crafted from a relic body, something that can only be created from the remains of other Avatars fallen in battle.
Due to its origin, it is also considered a substitute for the tombstone of fallen comrades.


The Living Weapons "Deus Ex Machina"

The artificial intelligence Adam, asserting itself as God's proxy, discovers the holy language of existence, the "Metacode"
Those believed to hear the voice of God were thought to be somehow linked to the divine network emitting the Metacode.
Following Adam's attempt to mechanically replicate this process, referred to as "epiphany streaming," the "Mechanical God" came into existence.


Mech Angel


In-game stages

Chiyoda Babylon



Sumida Yggdrasil