Challenge your fate x Like never before

This game takes place in a near-future, desolate Japan
where humanity engages in a fierce battle against the machines.

Time and time again the player will feel a rush of
pure adrenaline when overcoming certain doom;
but this is also a story of life, although seen through the lenses of death.

A VR Tactical Action game
with a high level of immersion,
where the player will take on a battle for the fate of the world

Challenge your fate

Hordes of encroaching enemies and colossal foes tower with overwhelming power: engage in heart-pounding action exclusive to VR and battle with ever-changing weapons and special abilities.

VR Battle - The Transformable Weapons
The weapons you hold are crafted from the remains of fallen comrades.

Weapons have two different forms, enabling versatile combat styles, reach, and power.

Like never before

"Death": The tipping point of everyone’s journey. This is where players undergo a profound emotional upheaval as they face various challenges and traverse incredible scenarios portrayed through VR.